Our swimming pool

While staying with us,
you can enjoy our swimming pool,
surrounded by nature!


Pool rules 

Before accessing the pool, please take a look at the following regulations.


1. Only the owners’ guests and the guests of Casa Mary are allowed to use the pool;

2. The access is allowed only from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm;

3. Please note that there is no lifeguard and therefore the pool is not supervised. “Pay attention!

4. Entering the pool with sun creams and hair oils without taking a shower first is forbidden;

5. Swimming in bad weather conditions is forbidden;

6. Smoking, eating and drinking in the area is forbidden;

7. For all those who cannot swim, armbands or life jackets are mandatory:

8. Throwing paper, cigarettes or anything else in the water or in the garden is forbidden;

9. Introducing glass, hard plastic or metal containers and/or objects that are not absolutely necessary for swimming is forbidden;

10. Running on the pool floor, pushing the other bathers into the water and diving are forbidden. (Pay attention, the pool is not deep enough to dive and is therefore very dangerous to do so).

11. It is forbidden to play dangerous games or to do dangerous exercises, or to disturb the other guests;

12. It is forbidden to shout or raise your voice, everyone must behave in order not to cause discomfort and harassment to other guests;

13. Children/teenagers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, who takes responsibility for them and is able to intervene in case of need;

14. It is forbidden for younger children to be near the pool without their parents or companions.

15. It is forbidden to introduce animals in the pool and in the surrounding area.

Those who access the pool accept these rules and the conditions described


The rules can be read in each room/apartment, and they are also visible in the bathing area


  • The pool measures 5m x 2.30m and it is 1.15m deep;
  • The guests will use the swimming pool in strict compliance with the rules;
  • The guests use the swimming pool at their own risk, exempting other guests, the management as well as the owners from any liability, both criminal and civil;
  • The Management declines all civil and criminal liabilities for objects or valuables left in the pool and for potential accidents, injuries, or other situations caused by the guests to themselves and to third parties, especially if in violation of these rules;
  • To guarantee an effective maintenance of the state and hygiene of the pool, common sense, education and collaboration are required.